Skype error on Windows 8 shutdown 2

This was a problem that has been bugging me for a last few weeks. If anyone uses Skype for desktop you may of come across the Skype error below on Windows 8 shutdown.


This was bugging me for weeks and numerous posts on Skypes forum suggests this is resolved by a full re-installation. This did not work for me. There is a much simpler fix.
Turn off the “I sign out” sound on Skype.

Skype Options

After that has been changed no more error. Simple!

2 thoughts on “Skype error on Windows 8 shutdown

  1. Reply mortan Nov 23,2013 14:58

    Thanks for sharing! Finally I got rid of this error! 🙂

  2. Reply Bob Aug 18,2015 22:18

    Works a treat, thanks. 🙂

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